WellTree is dedicated to manifesting optimal well-being for humanity and planet Earth.  We do this by inspiring a free online community, where health-conscious friends and holistic practitioners connect and share natural healing wisdom with the world.  Together, we grow wellness!

Celtic Tree of Life by Jen Delyth © 1990

The Tree of Life
Rooted in many cultures around the world, the Tree of Life represents the interconnection of all of creation.  In ancient Egyptian, Chinese, and Norse mythologies, it is seen as the source of life and death.  In Jewish mysticism, the ten attributes of the Kabbalah depict the nature of the universe and the human being.  The World Tree of Native American tradition symbolizes the axis mundi, uniting the four directions with the Mother Earth and Father Sky.  

To the Celts, trees were a source of basic sustenance in providing food, shelter, and fuel for cooking and warmth.  Without trees, life would be extremely difficult.  In their creation stories and shamanic beliefs, trees were seen as the ancestors of mankind, offering great wisdom, guarding wells of sacred healing waters, and as doorways into other worlds.  The most sacred tree of all was the Oak, which represented the center of the world.  The Celtic word for “oak” is “daur” (the origin of our word “door”), and “druid” is compounded from the words “oak” and “wisdom.”  Thus, these priests and scholars were called “oak-wise” as stewards of majestic trees and doorways to healing wisdom.

 WellTree ® 2012

To WellTree, the Tree of Life represents the healing wisdom of Nature on all levels — personal, interpersonal, and planetary.  The roots and water convey our inner depth and the healing life-force within.  The canopy and sky embody our outer nature, the Universe, and divine consciousness.  The branches depict the interconnected dimensions of wellness, while the leaves represent the multitude of natural modalities.  Finally, the acorn represents an individual healing story.  Just as a seed has the potential to sprout into a giant tree that produces thousands of new seeds, each story has the potential to inspire countless others.  We are growing the global wellness movement, one story at a time.

The Branches of Wellness
Wellness is often defined as a healthy balance of mind, body, and spirit that results in an overall feeling of well-being.  WellTree is categorized into seven inter-connected branches, as exemplified by
the topics listed next to each.  All posts on WellTree relate to one or more of these branches.  Holism, from the Greek word meaning whole, is the concept that the properties of a given system cannot be determined or explained by its component parts alone. Instead, the system as a whole determines, in an important way, how the parts behave (Wikipedia).   

While modern medicine uses technologies such as drugs, surgery, and radiation to treat symptoms of imbalance, natural health focuses on restoring the body’s vital ability to heal and maintain itself via remedies found in nature.  The concept of natural healing can be extended to the interpersonal and planetary level as well.  There is usually some degree of technology in natural approaches, and we aim to feature those that our community values most.  It is our intention to share solutions on all levels:

Physical: fitness, nutrition, hygiene, medical care, challenges, appearance…
Emotional: feelings, stress-management, intuition, self-esteem…
Mental: thinking, perceiving, decision-making, attitude, behavior, creativity…
Social: relationships, family, education, occupation, activism, community service…
Spiritual: awareness, purpose, prayer, enlightenment, connection to Spirit…
Ecological: sustainability, biodiversity, natural resource management…
Holistic: an approach that considers all of the main branches above.

Sharing the Wisdom of Nature
Natural Healing Stories:
personal healing experiences involving natural modalities, from healthy lifestyle practices to holistic therapies aimed at addressing specific conditions.  Either past events or works-in-progress, these success stories may also be shared on behalf of children, pets, plants, wildlife, and even entire ecosystems.  While some may include specific brand names, practitioners, or products, this is not a place for commercial promotions.  Any content deemed as inappropriate will be removed from the site entirely.  We appreciate authentic contributions.
Wellness Articles:
original posts, or links to wellness articles on other sites.
Media Reviews: posts that review books, movies, websites, or other media.
Recipes & How-To’s: posts of an instructional nature, either original or linked.
Featured Practitioners: members who identify their occupation with the field of wellness and consistently share their wisdom via WellTree.  From holistic nutritionists to environmental activists to backyard organic farmers, these are people we support in bringing greater health and harmony into the world.
Support & Interest Groups: public, invite-only, or completely hidden groups, where members with similar interests, activities, or challenges, can support one another and collaborate on specific topics.

Planting the Seed
WellTree was co-founded by Zander Hathaway and Brian Claypool, two friends who share a passion for both nature and technology.  It all began when we were roommates, managing neighboring branches of a house painting company, learning about natural health in our spare time.  After having witnessed loved ones suffer from degenerative diseases at the hands of the allopathic medical system, we grew inspired by those who took more holistic approaches.  We shared our discoveries, made incremental changes in our lives, and began feeling better than ever.

Despite all the success stories of people healing serious conditions with natural alternatives, we noticed very little evidence of this in the mainstream media.  Over time, we began connecting the dots between the power elite who control major industry, public policy, media, education, and of course, the money supply.  We discovered that the core motives for suppressing natural health are maximizing profits, consolidating power in the hands of the few, and keeping the masses dependent upon their industrial systems for survival.

One Spring day, while shopping at a farmers market, we wondered how we could possibly help change this situation for the better.  Rather than trying to reform the corruption in our existing systems, we wanted to help people take back their health sovereignty and restore balance on the Earth.  By creating a free media site focused on sharing natural healing stories, that dream has finally manifested as WellTree.org. 

We greatly appreciate your support, encouragement, and participation.  However, we recognize that good health means less time on the computer and more time outside in nature.  So enjoy the great outdoors, and when you are back here in cyberspace, please make this community your own: a place to learn, grow, connect in the real world, and share the wellness!