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Essential Oils: Natures Living Energy

  • Profile photo of Brian Claypool Mar 7, 2013

    Essential Oils are natures living energy. These distilled plant herb essences are extremely powerful and potent healing agents. Once you start using these oils you will experience profound healing shifts, on all levels physically, emotionally and spiritually. Their use goes back thousands and thousands of years as far back as the plants themselves. They are often referred to as earths first medicine and it’s time we re-integrate their healing energy into our lives. Recently science has only barely begun to discover the many hundreds of therapeutic agents that exist in plants, in synergistic blends that only nature could truly concoct. Nothing gives me a greater honor to be involved in helping to bring back plant medicine to the people. Once you start using oils daily your life will be transformed opening up a new world of healing possibilities.



    Here are just a few of the many powerful healing benefits of essential oils

    • Immune Stimulating – Essential Oils support your lymphatic system and help to decongest lymph nodes.
    • Cellular Detoxification – Essential Oils give your body and cells what they need to naturally detoxify the build up of toxins and chemicals in the body.
    • Repair Damaged DNA – Essential Oils reverse genetic damage. Some of the constituents in essential oils are known to help repair damaged DNA.
    • Emotional Healing – Essential Oils directly affect and regulate the lymbic system and emotional centers of the brain. They are emotionally balancing and healing. And as we know, emotions are so central to deep long term healing.
    • Daily Medicine Cabinet – Essential Oils have so many practically uses. Heal cuts, scrapes, bruises, headaches and many other daily health challenges.
    • Take internally – Many essential oils can be taken internally helping to heal the digestive tract and other systems.
    • Hormone Modulating – The constituents in essential oils are scientifically proven to help modulate hormones naturally, without any toxic or other side effects or dependencies.


    And those are just a very few of the many healing benefits of natures living energy, essential oils. I didn’t even mention the many other awesome things that happen in your life when you start using oils. Their magnetic power will bring a lot of goodness to you. They have the ability to amplify all aspects of your life including your intent, aiding your meditation and prayer practices and faster manifestation. Those are just a few of the side effects of Essential Oils :) And the great thing is it’s just the beginning. The more you learn about the oils and the plants that contain them, the more you gain wisdom and knowledge of natural healing. And the more you heal, the more you help others heal. The plants have been here with us since the beginning, it’s time we get to know them and use their powerful healing energy.

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