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Green Transition Smoothie

  • Profile photo of Brian Claypool Jun 6, 2012

    This is a great smoothie recipe for those who are transitioning onto a more alkaline forming diet. The secret to a great green smoothie is to first use a base of cucumber and/or celery, rice/hemp or almond milk, and then add your darker greens on top of it (at LEAST 2 large handfuls), spinach, kale, chart are all great options, herbs like cilantro or basil and you can add some sweeter fruits in to taste. But make sure most of it is green and alkaline forming. The sweeter sugars in the fruits do offset the alkalizing affects of the salts in the greens and cucumber/celery.


    In the Vitamix, BlendTec or Blender add the following.
    Serves 1-2

    1 peeled cucumber (or unpeeled english cucumber)
    1 cup of rice (hemp, almond or coconut) milk
    2 large hand fulls of spinach or greens of your choice
    1/2 avocado (really smooths is up)
    1 lime
    1/4-half handful of cilantro and/or basil
    1 ruby red grapefruit
    Fruit OPTIONAL: to sweeten I use either 1 banana, 1/4 cantalope and berries (rasberry or blueberry)


    Something you can do is freeze your banana’s, cantalope and/or berries, this way it gives the smoothie a cool texture. While you want to keep the fruit to a limited amount, it can be a great addition to sweeten it up especially if you are transitioning.


    Feel free to experiment with various ingredients and flavors. Everyone has their own tastes, the key is getting at least one of these in a day and you will make major progress in improving your health.




  1. Profile photo of Marcos Rodriguez

    I love Green Smoothies..!!

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