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  • Group logo of Alkaline by Design

    The human organism is alkaline by design and acidic by function. What does this mean and how does it affect our blood, tissues and body? What does it mean to eat a truly alkaline diet? What does the body really use for energy production? This group is dedicated to sharing and developing a deeper ...

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    4 members
  • Group logo of EarthWorks

    The EarthWorks Convergence is a family-friendly gathering to support and celebrate the regeneration of our garden planet. This international event merges heart-centered work and play through permaculture, natural building, holistic healing, live music and art. Together, we empower each other to c...

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  • Group logo of Ape Living

    Reconnecting with our inner healer thru low-fat raw vegan diet, natural hygiene, barefooting, climbing, sunlight, social grooming, tribal sovereignty, non-lingual communication, teamwork, present moment connection to Nature and Source. Peace, Love, and Joy.

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