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Homeopathy Works Wonders

  • Profile photo of Stephanie Austin Jun 14, 2012

    Homeopathy is a system of medicine developed by Samuel Hahnamann, a German Doctor of the 18th Century. Homeopathy, (from the Greek -homeo, meaning similar and pathos meaning suffering) is based upon treating ‘like with like’ or the ‘memory of water’. Interestingly enough, it’s the second most commonly used medicine in the world (according to the World Health Organization) and was part of regular medicine training for American doctors until 1940!

    Homeopathy treats very specific symptoms using extremely diluted plant, mineral, or animal matter. The toxic affect of the homeopathic remedy in its whole, undiluted form, is then matched to the symptoms of the client. In taking the remedy, the body is triggered to respond to the symptoms (‘like with like’) currently being overlooked by the immune system.

    The best example I have been taught is the homeopathic treatment for hayfever or the symptoms thereof—Runny nose and watery eyes. What in nature, of plant, mineral, or animal matter causes the same symptoms in its original form but ONION (Allium Cepa). Uses of homeopathic Allium Cepa include treatment for colds; itchy eyes and nose; discharge from eyes and nose; sharp pains such as earaches in children; and toothaches in molars. Often used for hayfever and laryngitis.

    The dilution process is complex and is part of the reason homeopathy is a controversial medical practice, albeit popular. The plant, mineral, or animal matter is put into water and vigorously shaken. During the shaking of the substance, the ‘vital nature’ is imprinted on the water.

    Doses are commonly found as 6c, 30c, and 200c (x is another form of dilution). A 30c dilution is 1 parts matter to 100 parts water that has been diluted 30 times! A good example I have found is in comparing red and white sand. Take a big bucket of red sand. For this example, the red sand is the plant, mineral, or animal matter. Now take a big bucket of white sand (the water). Take ONE CUP of the red sandstone from the bucket and place it into the white sand bucket. Shake the new sand bucket up and dilute it again; taking one cup of the mixture. Do it again and again. Doing it 30 times (30c dosage). How much red sand do you think you finally have after diluting it again and again (1:100 30 times)? In fact, it is said after 12c, it is unlikely to have even one molecule of the original matter still present in the remedy.

    1x indicates one drop of solvent has been added to 9 drops of menstrum (water or alcohol). After shaking, the remedy is now 1/10 of its original concentration. Then take one drop of this new mixture and add it to nine drops of menstrum. This new solvent is a dilution of 2x and will be 1/100 of its original state. Ironically, the more it is diluted (ie. 200c vs 6c), the STRONGER the dose!

    So how does it work?
    It has been proven that the imprint left in the water when the solution is shaken is enough to stimulate the immune response in the body to ‘act’. Seeing that the original substance, plant; mineral; or animal, would normally cause the very symptoms your body is overlooking (ie. running nose and watery eyes), the diluted dose with the ‘vital nature’ imprinted within (homeopathic onion – Allium Cepa 6c) stimulates your body to fix the problems (hayfever). Homeopathy is only used while symptoms are present.

    Those who use homeopathy swear by it as it causes NO common side effects and can be taken with other medications. Infants, pregnant ladies, seniors, and animals can take homeopathy.

    So why the controversy?
    Two people. Both have a headache. They both try the same homeopathic remedy for headache and it only works for one of them.

    As understood in Chinese Medicine, symptoms are specific to the individual. Homeopathy is so specific to the causes of the symptoms that an inexperienced homeopath may suggest one remedy for all headaches when there are many options available. Homeopathy can even get so specific as to treat the LEFT ear with one remedy and the RIGHT ear with another remedy. Headaches can be caused by dehydration, over mental stimulation, strain and muscle tension, chemical toxicity, and more!

    The most commonly used homeopathic remedy is Arnica Montana. Commonly used for trauma, bruises, sprains, inflammation, and emotional stress. It is often used before and after surgery, sports, pregnancy and labor for both C-sections and natural birth and will treat symptoms of arthritis, sore muscles, nosebleeds, fractures, and emotional trauma such as from death. It’s a great one to give a child after a tough fall. Before you ever see the goose egg appear, reach for the arnica cream.

    All doses are taken under the tongue until fully dissolved while your pallet is clear from food, beverages, and especially peppermint for a good 15 minutes before or after. For highly sensitive individuals or infants, the tablets can be dissolved into water and taken 1tsp at a time until symptoms subside.

    6c is used for acute conditions dissolving 3-4 tablets under the tongue every 15 minutes for the first 2 hours until symptoms subside.

    30c is used for acute and chronic conditions and is often taken as 3-4 tablets under the tongue 3-4 times per day.

    200c is used for chronic conditions whereby you take 3-4 tablets under the tongue once per week or even once per month.

    The smaller numbers (ie. 1c, 3x, and up to 15) are used to treat more physical symptoms. 15 to about 90 will be used to treat more organ related problems. Numbers closer to 200 will be treating the more emotional and nerve related disorders.

    Excellent FAQ’s found here for further reading:


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