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Integrative Breathwork

  • Profile photo of Zander Hathaway Apr 9, 2013

    I am so grateful to have discovered this powerful modality of integrative breathwork (similar to rebirthing and holotropic breathing), thanks to my new amazing friends, Dale and Nicole.  A couple weeks ago, I had the privilege of a personal session with them, and WOW!

    We started by dancing to get my heart rate up, and I immediately went horizontal and began the conscious connected breathing.  Quickly, the prana began flowing, pulsing, and tingling throughout my whole body until my face and hands became tense.  Occasionally, I would take a long inhale and tone on the exhale while shaking my hands and feet.  This helped release tension and allowed the emotions to surface and be expressed.  I’ve never experienced such a catharsis of old pain, sorrow, and fear.  It really felt like development/birth trauma bubbling up from my inner depths.

    Then, the really paranormal part: without either of them touching me, I felt several sets of physical hands with tangible weight, very subtly massaging and moving energy through my stomach, shoulders, neck, and crown of my head.  Whether it was my guides, angels, extra-dimensional beings, or simply Spirit itself, I felt a strong yet nurturing presence conveying through touch that I am guided and supported in my healing process.

    Since then, I’ve been integrating and learning more, practicing on my own (with a Quantum Light CD they let me borrow), and continuing to feel progress on all levels.  I still have major discomfort in my neck (a decade-long symptom with multiple causes/complications), but this is a process that will take some time…  I intend to share more about this later, here and via other venues.  I also feel called to learn to facilitate it for others.

    If you interested in opening your mind, heart, and lungs to your inner healer, then I highly recommend finding a breathworker near you. :)  In the spirit of budding new life and growth, Happy Spring!


  1. Profile photo of Brian Claypool

    Dude this is awesome. It seems like every day now I’m reminded of the importance of breathing. I’m looking forward to continuing to explore various breathing modalities.

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