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Brian Claypool's Profile

Basic Profile

Display Name Brian Claypool
Current Location

San Diego, California

Mission Statement My mission is to create massive awareness that empowers others into taking personal responsibility for their health and well-being. I do this by spreading the truth about natural and holistic healing.
Wellness Interests

meditation, breathing, water, essential oils, plants, nature, trail running, yoga, visualization, barefoot walking, permaculture, juicing, raw vegan food

Wellness Goals 90% raw vegan alkaline diet Green juice daily. 2oz Wheatgrass juice daily. Green smoothie daily. Meditate Daily Run Daily & Visualize Daily Essential Oils Daily Affirmations Daily Yoga at least 2 days every week.
Positive Affirmations I am in the universal flow I am alive, awake and centered. I am whole, complete and connected. I am LOVE. All I need is within me now. I now have the energy, time, wisdom and resources to accomplish my mission. All of the people, places, opportunities, resources and money show up for me.
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Practitioner Profile

First Name Brian
Last Name Claypool

Co-Founder, Managing Director

Business Name


More Info

WellTree is dedicated to manifesting optimal well-being for humanity and planet Earth. We do this by inspiring a free online community, where health-conscious friends and holistic practitioners connect and share natural healing wisdom with the world. Together, we grow wellness!

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