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    Finca Fuente Verde, Costa Rica
    Co-Founder, Creative Director at WellTree.org
    Nature, holism, nutrition, raw food, wild foraging, permaculture, camping, hiking, integrative breathwork, holotropic breathing, barefoot running, tree climbing, Hatha yoga, Tibetan rites, swimming, s...
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    United States
    pHMiracle and Wellness Consultants at Healthy Choices for Living, LLC
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    Chagrin Falls, Ohio
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    Sunny City
    Yoga, light music, healthy food...
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    Morro Bay, CA
    Holistic Health and Nutrition Coach at Wellness by Mother Nature
    Raw and Living Foods; Plant-based Diet; Yoga; Astrology; Meditation; Homeopathy; Iridology; Holistic Nutrition; Hiking; Food as Medicine...
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    Los Angeles, CA
    juice feasting, green smoothies, maca, laughter, pretending to be grossed out by spinach juice, secretly wishing I was a banana slug, nature walks, finding new uses for chia seeds, and convincing myse...
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    Marion, IA
    I teach meditation, healthy eating, lifestyle, and support holistic health care, EFT, and work as a life coach to remove limiting beliefs. I believe in integrating body, mind and spirit and balancing...
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    Marcos Rodriguez - - "I really find this video clear, simple and direct. Dr. Young explains PH balance as it relates to our health and the importance of […]"View
    San Diego
    Pray, Love Eat an Alkaline Plant Based diet. Daily exercise, Ocean Kayaking, swimming. Walking my puppy and meditating on the Glory of God....