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Chris Kendall's Profile

Basic Profile

Display Name Chris Kendall
Current Location

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

Mission Statement My purpose is to embody optimal health and unconditional love, Living in light, inspiring others to realize their highest potential, Living in gratitude and through Loving service to humanity and all of life.
Wellness Interests

natural hygiene, holistic nutrition, low-fat raw vegan, 80/10/10 diet, 811, wild foraging, permaculture, skating, surfing, yoga, kendallini, kundalini, hatha, camping, traveling, hiking, body-weight training, breathing exercises, lovemaking, barefooting, tree climbing, swimming, sweat lodges, music, dance, laughter, meditation, positive thinking, Kitties, compassionate communication, sungazing, health coaching, natural healing, ecovillages, fruit forestry, balance, blessings, bliss

Wellness Goals * Launch my new website by spring 2013 * Finish writing my new Cravings Busters Transitional Recipes book series, or have most instalments done by 2014 * Bench press an oak king-sized bed with 5 suitcases full of clothes by Solstice 2013. * Defeat Zander and all (moohahaha) at the upcoming 2013 Tomato-Eating Contest at Finca de Vida. :) * Enjoy a 10 day silent vispassana Meditation * Spread love and ease at all future retreats * Catch up on my video blogs and e-communications by 2050, hahahaha…! :?) * Synergize with like-minded partners/investors to found the first donation-based Raw Advantage Wellness Retreat Healing Center, TRAdream. RAWR!! * Practice Kendallini everyday even if for a minute or two * 30 consecutive pullups on the rings by 2014.
Positive Affirmations * I seek and Choose Comfort in everything. * I choose optimal health, consciousness, and bliss. * I see the inherent perfection in everything. * I am guided, protected, and aligned with the highest good at all times. * Nothing tastes as good as healthy feels. * We are one with all of creation. * Bananas, I command thee. ;) * PeaceLovenSeasonalFruit :) :) :) * I love you.
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Practitioner Profile

First Name Chris
Last Name Kendall



Registered Holistic Nutritionist

Offerings / Services Full time 100% Raw and Transitional Lifestyle coach/consultant, Registered Holistic Nutritionist with live in experience. Professional Schooling in Holistic nutrition RHN, 12 years of Self study and application. 100% Raw vegan and transitional lifestyle coaching since 07, full time live in consultations since 09. Full time Consulting with Pro Athletes, artists, playa’s n gangsters… in general those wishing to ramp up their health, happiness, lifestyle and vibrancy in all aspects of life. ;)
Business Name

The Raw Advantage

More Info

Raw Food Nutrition and Application, Nutritional Education, Fitness Training, Play, Kendalini Yoga, Raw Power Yoga and Kundalini yoga, Meditation, Reiki Master, Massage, Reflexology,Calisthenics, Sports Rehabilitation.

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