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Display Name Zander Hathaway
Current Location

Finca Fuente Verde, Costa Rica

Mission Statement I co-create a joyful and resilient world, by breathing into the present moment with gratitude, living in balanced resonance with nature, and blessing my community with abundant love and support.
Wellness Interests

Nature, holism, nutrition, raw food, wild foraging, permaculture, camping, hiking, integrative breathwork, holotropic breathing, barefoot running, tree climbing, Hatha yoga, Tibetan rites, swimming, sweat lodges, drum circles, ecstatic dance, world music, brainwave entrainment, laughter yoga, meditation, essential oils, affirmations, creative questions, visualization, free speech, internet freedom, sustainability, bio-mimicry, ecovillages, local economies, natural health, intentional communities, Taoism, Zen Buddhism, Pantheism, Gnosticism, balance

Wellness Goals Barefoot hike & new statement of gratitude – daily Yoga & breath work – daily Climb tree or do pullups – daily Sleep – by 10pm Finish Spanish 1 & 2 course – by Winter Solstice 2014
Positive Affirmations I am alive and well. I have the strength to live, learn, and grow. By releasing my past, I am free to move forward. I am guided, protected, and aligned with the highest good at all times. As a man among men, I am a natural man. I now have the time, energy, wisdom, and resources, to accomplish my mission. I am a tiny yet integral creature within the great Web of Life. I am magnificent being awakening to my highest potential. I am continually realizing greater balance and optimal health. We are all sources of healing for all beings. We are profoundly blessed!
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First Name Zander
Last Name Hathaway

Co-Founder, Creative Director

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WellTree is dedicated to manifesting optimal well-being for humanity and planet Earth. We do this by inspiring a free online community where health-conscious friends and holistic practitioners connect and share natural healing experiences and insights. Together, we grow wellness!

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Professional Title

Intern House Manager

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Business Name

ReGenesis Living Learning Center

City / Village

Finca Fuente Verde, Tinamaste

State / Region

Southern Pacific Zone


Costa Rica