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    San Diego, California
    Co-Founder, Managing Director at WellTree
    meditation, breathing, water, essential oils, plants, nature, trail running, yoga, visualization, barefoot walking, permaculture, juicing, raw vegan food...
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    San Agustin, Costa Rica
    Conscious Living, water homebirth, whole organic foods, sound therapy, assist with conscious death, making music, art, and playing. We inspire wellness through our volunteer program in Costa Rica, ou...
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    Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
    Registered Holistic Nutritionist at The Raw Advantage
    natural hygiene, holistic nutrition, low-fat raw vegan, 80/10/10 diet, 811, wild foraging, permaculture, skating, surfing, yoga, kendallini, kundalini, hatha, camping, traveling, hiking, body-weight t...
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    Sunny City
    Yoga, light music, healthy food...
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    San Agustin, Costa Rica
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    San Luis Obispo,CA
    Yoga, Connection to that which is outside of all boxes, exploring and learning conscious behaviors...
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    Santa Maria De Brunca, Puntarenas, Costa Rica
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    Costa Rica
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    Yoga Teacher at Sirena Yoga
    Yoga, ocean, swimming, meditation, reiki, vegetarianism, veganism, natural healing for children...
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    Morro Bay, CA
    Holistic Health and Nutrition Coach at Wellness by Mother Nature
    Raw and Living Foods; Plant-based Diet; Yoga; Astrology; Meditation; Homeopathy; Iridology; Holistic Nutrition; Hiking; Food as Medicine...
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    Marion, IA
    I teach meditation, healthy eating, lifestyle, and support holistic health care, EFT, and work as a life coach to remove limiting beliefs. I believe in integrating body, mind and spirit and balancing...
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    Marcos Rodriguez - - "I really find this video clear, simple and direct. Dr. Young explains PH balance as it relates to our health and the importance of […]"View
    San Diego
    Pray, Love Eat an Alkaline Plant Based diet. Daily exercise, Ocean Kayaking, swimming. Walking my puppy and meditating on the Glory of God....