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My Heart Healing Journey

  • Profile photo of Brian Claypool Jun 13, 2012

    My journey discovering natural and holistic wellness started off when I was 16 years old. It was the beginning of an awakening and healing process that has transformed my life since. It all started off when I was at the doctors office getting a physical to play football. When I was having my blood pressure taken by the nurse a cold look went over her face. She did not say anything and then quickly left the room. The anxiety and stress started to set in instantly. What could be wrong with me? 10 minutes went by…. 20 minutes…. almost 30 minutes went by before the doctor came back into the room. She then took my blood pressure and afterwards said, well it seems as if you have high blood pressure, we don’t see this very often in people your age. I was scared and confused. What was interesting was my blood pressure was 160/60. My systolic (high number) was very high and my diastolic number was very low. They hadn’t seen this before. After some tests at the Childrens hospital in San Diego it was confirmed that I had a slightly enlarged heart ventricle as the result of this hypertension. Luckily my doctor didn’t recommend drugs, but there weren’t many other solutions being offered, or other reasons as to why it was high and what I could do to heal. I was extremely lucky to have parents that empowered me to take responsibility and to find a way to heal or at least find gratitude in my heart instead of playing a victim. After doing my own research I had started to learn that there were other cases of this rare form of hypertension and that there were natural ways to heal. Knowing in my heart that everything happens for a reason and that there was definitely a reason here, I had to find out what was really going on and heal myself. I started to learn about natural hygiene and raw fruit and vegetable juicing, among other natural health practices through Anthony Robbins seminars and other books. I also learned about proper food combining and how to alkalize the body. After a process of detoxification and eating real living foods, I was able to get my blood pressure under control. Even though it was so rare for someone my age to have this condition, I was actually making very poor health and lifestyle decisions prior that were contributing to my condition. I was already drinking alcohol, experimenting with drugs, eating a high amount of horribly unhealthy processed foods. I was also about 30 lbs overweight (weight I have lost since). I also learned about the emotional side of health and how this played a role in my condition. I was under a lot of pressure at school and in life that I had put on myself that I learned to let go. I am glad to say to this day I no longer have high blood pressure. My blood pressure is around 120/60 now which is awesome. I was also living in a large industrial agriculture community which was in a flat valley below sea level with a lot of synthetic pesticides, herbicides and fungicides being sprayed by crop dusters all around where I lived and went to school, there is no saying what other environmental factors could have contributed. The more I have learned about natural healing the more I realize how much toxicity there is in our environment and how it can affect our health in varying ways. Ultimately I was not eating the type of real food that human beings need in order to build healthy tissues and body systems.


  1. Profile photo of Sanjiv
    Sanjiv says:

    WOW Brian!! I didn’t know you had this problem. Vegetable Juicing has been a great natural therapy. My wife had very similar high BP issue and she started drinking the juice of Indian Squash ( since the past 3 months. She used to have 160/90 readings and now she is down to the normal ranges. Keep up your juice Brian! See you.

  2. Profile photo of Brian Claypool

    Wow, Thank You Sanjiv that’s awesome I will look into that. While I have my BP under control now, it’s always good to incorporate healing foods like this I’m sure it has a whole host of healing properties. Thanks so much for sharing your wife’s experience with me. Perhaps you can invite her to join WellTree and share?

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