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Pulling Weeds

  • Profile photo of Craig Maupin Jun 27, 2012

    There have been many parallels drawn between the gardener, with his garden, and the human mind, with its thoughts. I have recently had a chance to draw such parallels, as I have taken on the responsibility of helping to restore our family garden. When I say “restore,” I really mean to say that I have become the designated weed-puller!

    The first necessity at hand, before the weed pulling, was to survey the entire garden. The bright side was that there were some vegetables and herbs visible amongst the massive weed populations. There were many varieties of weeds in all of the raised beds, between the brick walkways, and in the paths between the beds. My first feeling while surveying the garden was that “this was an impossible task!” This reminded me of my meditations when I would sit and observe thoughts. And there always seemed to be and endless amount of unruly thoughts! How was I to keep on top of them?

    But just as my beginning step of meditation was to observe the first thought in as much detached awareness as I could muster, so it was the start of “many miles” of weed pulling to dispatch the first weed in the same manor. And I did indeed find that the seemingly simple task of weed pulling took a great measure of awareness. This was due to the fact each kind of weed had its particular nuance. Sometimes the roots of the weeds were spread horizontally while others had very long taproots. I found it necessary to pull the weeds very slowly, especially at first, and with great care. When I did not take the proper time and care in the pulling, the roots would often remain. Maybe subconscious thought patterns, the ones I would like to change, are like the subterranean roots of the weeds.

    It’s been three weeks since I have started pulling weeds from our family garden. The garden has been restored to its original beauty and the vegetables are happier… we even have room for more nourishing vegetables and will plant more within the week. Parallels, parallels!



  1. Profile photo of Zander Hathaway

    Thanks for sharing this very insightful post; simple yet deep, like a taproot. :=) I am now more inspired to spend at least half an hour today meditating (mindfully pulling weeds) in our garden, and another half hour foraging. Bountiful blessings to you and the family!

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