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Recovery from Asperger Syndrome

  • Profile photo of Carolyn Jun 15, 2012

    Jacob started showing symptoms of autoimmune dysfunction and what I later realized were autistic symptoms between the age of 2 and 3. He had explosive diarrhea, multiple times per day, that lasted until he was 5 years old. He was allergic to several foods, milk, eggs, citrus, and over the next several years had some more mild rotating allergies/sensitivities to foods, that were detected through muscle testing from a chiropractor trained in Applied Kinesiology. We started on the Feingold diet (no artificial colors or preservatives) and moved up to more intensive diets, and ended up using Dr. Mercola’s metabolic type diet for many years.

    He was also experiencing what looked like ES, environmental sensitivity, extremely sensitive to contact with any chemicals of any kind. We kept his environment as clean and toxic free as possible, no perfumes, or heavy chemicals. Learned how to have an environmentally safe home, not using traditional cleansers/perfumes of any kind.

    And, like many other parents, we did realize the immune system crash happened after his 2 year old shots, so withheld shots of any kind after that.

    He stayed in traditional school settings, but after Kindergarten, and the school becoming drug pushers, and making me feel bad as a mom for not choosing to drug my child, I went to a private school that uplifted my beliefs. I found a doctor in town that also supported my decision to not medicate him, and she offered me a book on learning styles, called, “How Your Child is Smart”, which I had every teacher read the section that described his learning style, since it was so different than the norm. The teachers also had to realize he took the literal interpretation of English exactly as he heard it, so not to get mad at him if he did ‘EXACTLY’ as they said. They learned this quick! I did still receive many calls at home about what to do, and him misbehaving quite a bit, but just learned to get a thick skin. The private school did not have any ‘special needs’ support, so I was his only advocate and teacher there (to help the other teachers deal with his behaviors).

    He had many other typical symptoms of autism, violent, uncontrollable temper tantrums, night terrors, SI or Sensory Integration challenges, OCD like behaviors, socially impaired, difficulty transitioning, difficulty hearing and carrying out more than one instruction at a time.

    It was quite the journey, off and on, mostly under the supervision of an awesome chiropractor, we utilized homeopathy, muscle testing, getting candida under control, not using antibiotics, keeping his diet as clean and pure as possible, supplements such as vitamin D, enzymes, and EFA’s, and a few others as symptoms would arise, chosen by my chiropractor.

    His biggest boost was my own emotional healing, and after I started to meditate. And my original belief that he would be healed, and not being attached to that belief, or expect to know what that would look like. By 9th grade he was totally off all diets, able to eat ‘normal’ crappy food, although we do still eat quite healthy, not sensitive to chemicals/perfumes, again, I teach/train him that he needs to be careful since they could come back, but pretty much is a normal, above average, amazing teenager!

    He, as a 17 year old, has two jobs, one as a computer coder at an Engineering Firm, and the other as a busser at an elite restaurant in town. He drives, is in robotics club, enjoys playing ‘Magic’ and video games. Plays a little guitar, which is a shame since he has a natural gift for it. He is polite and empathetic and is my biggest helper around the house. Was on the honor roll the first 3 years in HS, but didn’t quite make it his senior year with everything going on. Is going to college next year for Engineering or Computers.


  1. Profile photo of Zander Hathaway

    WOW, what a powerful and touching healing story! Thank you Carolyn for sharing this, and being such an amazing mom. May many other parents (especially new ones) stumble upon this post. And I would love to hear Jacob rock “Freebird” now that he’s free from those heavy conditions. :)

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