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Success on a 10-Day Juice Cleanse

  • Profile photo of Zander Hathaway Jul 17, 2012

    This juice cleanse was just what I needed. A few years prior, I did 30-day “juice feast,” relying on the internet and a few friends for information and support. It was successful in helping me transition more toward eating raw vegan, but also full of challenges. This time, having a professional coach like Stephanie Austin, and a group of fellow juicers, made all the difference. Her protocol of only ten days was sufficient for me to realize awesome results.

    In general, I am in good health and maintain a diet that is very high in raw fruits and veggies. However, I have serious structural challenges from various lifestyle habits, conditions, injuries, and traumas in my past, which have culminated in chronic misalignment and arthritis in my neck. My primary goal was to detoxify and nourish my entire body (especially my joints, muscles, connective tissue, liver, and kidney), to relax the deep-seated restrictions and assist my yoga practice in retraining my natural posture with greater structural integrity. I also wanted to let go of some long-held habits that are not in my best interest for optimal health. One such example is coffee, which I used to push myself to succeed in school and into my professional life. Over the last few years, I’ve cut way back, but the addiction has persisted, and lately I’ve been in habit of keeping coffee at home and enjoying a cup or two on most days. I knew it wouldn’t jive with the cleanse, and thus it seemed a good opportunity to break the habit altogether. Another example is with food: while I know what feels best to my health in long run, when I’m in town or traveling, I often allowed myself to indulge in unhealthy foods for short-term satisfaction. Thus, my secondary intention was to get those substances out of my system, to experience how good that feels, and to move forward with less desire for those foods I used to love but never really love me back.

    To get the most out of it, I ate 100% raw vegan (whole foods, smoothies, salads, and raw soups) for about a week prior to the beginning the juicing phase, and began drinking water mixed with bentonite clay between meals (which I continued throughout the cleanse for extra detoxification). Technically, her 10-day program involves two days of raw food transitioning, but I extended my cleanse for ten full days of juicy goodness. My basic green juice includes cucumber, celery, parsley, cilantro, various dark leafy greens (kale, spinach, bok choy, or romaine lettuce), ginger, turmeric, sometimes other herbs (such as dill, basil, dandelion, or garlic), and a twist of lime. I like it even better when prepared with a base of coconut water instead of regular water. Some of my other favorite juices were: watermelon (either straight, mixed with orange, or just a twist of lime), passion fruit mixed with star fruit (50/50), green juice sweetened with pineapple (70/30), and pure soursop juice. I love mango juice, but using the VitaMix method (blend and strain) resulted in all the soluble fiber coming through with the juice. Fortunately, I discovered that just chopping the mango and squeezing it in the strainer bag allowed the juice through with much less fiber. On the average day, I drank about two or three quarts of green juice and two or three quarts of fruit juice, usually starting and ending with green, with more fruit during the midday and especially after light exercise.

    I have to admit, I hung onto the coffee during the first couple days of juicing. Then, I joyfully dumped my remaining grounds into the compost, and set a strong intention to not buy it to have at home anymore (perhaps a cup once in a while when I’m out and about). That’s how I’ve approached other changes to my diet, and it’s worked really well. Another thing that happened after the first two days of juice, is that my cravings for food began decreasing, making it easier to keep going. Doing an enema almost everyday was helpful in flushing out the toxins that build up in my colon, since there is no fiber to sweep them out. Otherwise, the toxins just get reabsorbed and processed by the liver in an endless cycle, which I found results in feeling less energy, more groggy, and many other avoidable symptoms. As I continued cleaning out my insides, feeling more energy and mental clarity, I found myself cleaning and organizing my house, garage, and my computer’s hard drive. I even felt compelled to delete lots of old music and photos that no longer resonate with me. It started feeling like a whole life cleanse!

    After the first five days of juicing, I began phasing out the fruit sugars and ramping up the green juice. This was hard to do, because all cells in the body normally depend on glucose for energy. As I consumed less sugar than I needed, my body started shifting to a more fat-burning metabolism. While I only did this for a day and half during my first juice cleanse, this time I went almost three days. During this time, I had particularly low-energy and a hard time concentrating, but I did feel myself beginning to acclimate. I also lost about five pounds during the cleanse, which I attribute mostly to this phase of it (although weight loss was not a goal, as I am about 6’5″ and 175 lbs, with fairly low body fat). While I appreciated the deeper detoxing, I also wanted to get back into normal metabolism and maintain productivity in my life. Perhaps next time I will go five days on just green juice. One of my favorite low-glycemic blends, which I named “Salsa Lagoon” consisted of the green juice base, tomato, bell pepper, garlic, and lime. During this more challenging time, there were a couple instances when I felt almost overwhelming emotions coming up relating to people and events in my past. By staying with the feelings, I was able to see my need to forgive others and especially myself more, for much of the pain (both physical and emotional) in my life. This was an unexpected process, which resulted in me feeling happier and more free. As I reintroduced fruit, my body thanked me with increased energy and clarity.

    On the eighth day, my internet wasn’t working and I went to town do some computer work, where I made a big mistake (which is actually a blessing for the insights I gained). I was still feeling low energy, having just brought fruit back into the mix, and I thought a cup of coffee wouldn’t throw my cleanse off too much (after five days without any). So I enjoyed it thoroughly, but a couple hours later I was feeling major tension in my chest and was unable to fall sleep all night. I’ve experienced this before after taking a break from coffee, so this was the reminder I needed that caffeine is an incredibly powerful drug. It’s only when I acclimate to it, that I don’t realize this. The blessings is that my mind now associates coffee more with pain than pleasure. My interest in coffee is less than ever, and it feels like that habit is a thing of the past.

    In breaking the fiber fast, my first meal was a whole watermelon, followed later in the day with a whole soursop, and then a sampler of delicious oil-free salads at my friends’ organic cafe in town. I am now back to eating more like the great ape I am, and loving every bite. I knew it would help to have some good coaching. Stephanie’s unique combination of technical know-how, wisdom from personal experience, natural inspiration, and compassionate support, made her an excellent choice for professional assistance in accomplishing my goals. I feel increased strength and vitality, greater self-control, deeper peace, and a sense of being more whole and complete. My physical structure is more relaxed and responsive to yoga/stretching, maintaining better alignment and ease (although it’s still critical that I keep up on it daily for my neck issues to be manageable). Other complimentary practices include breathing exercises, barefoot walking outdoors, climbing trees, present moment meditation, going to bed earlier (sleeping with the Sun), spending less time on the computer, and allowing myself to feel and express my feelings more fully, and practicing gratitude and acceptance of what is, while striving to heal myself and my world. I am consciously moving ever forward in balance and joy!


  1. Profile photo of Brian Claypool

    Awesome post wellbro! I’m gearing myself up for a juice feast this is just the inspiration I need!

  2. Profile photo of Zander Hathaway

    Yes!! That just adds more positive results to my experience. More WellPower to ya! :)

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