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The Power of Chlorophyll

  • Profile photo of Brian Claypool Apr 17, 2013

    Virtually all life on this planet is supported by our sun’s light energy. Plants have been on earth for billions of years and have developed a process for converting that sunlight into energy.  In fact, all oxygen breathing life on this planet is dependent upon the plants, as they are able to take in carbon dioxide and give out fresh oxygen to fill the planet up with the resources we need to sustain and thrive.  The critical component of this light to energy transfer is a substance we call chlorophyll. Chlorophyll is the biological accumulation of light energy from the sun. It’s the blood of the plant.


    There is another interesting fact and similarity with chlorophyll and life on this planet. The molecular structure of chlorophyll compared to human red blood (the heme molecule) is almost identical. The only major difference is the center atom. In chlorophyll it’s magnesium, in red blood it is iron. It’s safe to say that this similarity is not just random that there is a connection and symbiosis of life and with us and the plant kingdom. We have also seen with modern science that by increasing ones source of high quality plant based chlorophyll into their diets, their Red Blood Cell counts can increase. This has been confirmed by many medical and naturopathic doctors throughout the world.  Of course there are many factors involved in what is required for healthy blood production, it’s safe to say that chlorophyll is a great resource to build healthy cells. It is also a great source of magnesium which the body uses as a critical component in many functions.

    I also believe that because chlorophyll is in essence accumulated light energy if we incorporate enough high quality chlorophyll into our diets, we are able to more easily maintain our vibrational energy field. We are in essence beings of light. Our bodies are fields of light energy. Every cell in our body runs on light. The alkaline design is in reality the electrical field of your body. Your body must maintain it’s electrical integrity. This is why it’s important to “be alkaline” which really is not a correct statement. It’s all about supporting our body in maintaining it’s alkaline design. When we eat alkalizing foods we give our body what it needs to maintain life, versus take away as acidic food and drink choices do. Chlorophyll is one of the critical components of maintaining this. There are of course others and I will discuss those in other articles.

    My personal experience

    I have been studying the live and dry blood over the years working with world leaders on this subject including Dr. Robert O. Young and others as a nutritional microscopist. I have seen a whole lot of blood photos of living and dried samples. I have seen what kinds of foods improve the blood and what destroy it. Of all of the things that I have seen improve the health of the live and dry blood, chlorophyll rich foods and drinks seem to be the most powerful. I have also seen this effect on my own blood. Of course there are other important fundamental nutrients the body requires to thrive, make sure to have plenty of high quality chlorophyll in  yours.

    More Reasons to Love Chlorophyll


    Anti-Cancer – Chlorophyll has been discovered to offer anticancer benefits via a compound called sodium-copper-chlorophyllin. This bioactive molecule may protect us against radiation-induced genetic mutations that lead to cancer. It has also been discovered that healthy cells may be protected against toxic side effects of anti-cancer drugs.
    Anti inflammatory – We know that all dis-ease is a form of inflammation.
    Antioxidant – Oxidative Stress is the twin to inflammation. Chlorophyll is highly Anti-Oxidant
    Deodorant – Most people are unaware but chlorophyll is a powerful deodorizer and this includes inside your body and digestive elimination including bad breath. Clean breathe and clean bowels = Happy.
    Great Source of Magnesium – A critical component that the body needs and uses for all kinds of functions
    Heavy Metal Chelation – It’s safe to say most if not all of us have some form of heavy metal toxicity. Heavy Metals damage the cell membranes and affect all kinds of body systems. We want them out.
    Contains the following vitamins in a highly absorbable form: Vitamin C, K, iron, calcium, folic acid – All essential to the immune system and process of building and repairing
    Great source of protein – I bet you don’t think of that when you think green. Yes chlorophyll rich foods are high in protein. This is why gorillas love greens. Green=Ripped

    How To Get Chlorophyll in Your Diet

    So what are the best ways to get this green stuff in your body and feeding your cells asap? The answers are clear Eat Green, Drink Green, Think Green.

    • Green Juices
    • Green JuiceGreen Smoothies
    • Fresh Green Salads
    • Grass Juice: Wheatgrass and/or Barleygrass
    • Liquid Chlorophyll 
    • Green Powders

    Lastly it’s important to note the importance of quantity with this program. It has been my observation working with clients and doctors that most people simply do not get enough of the good stuff in their body to really heal and thrive. Even many who are on a primarily plant based diet. So keep in mind you want to get this goodness in your body in multiple ways. This includes the green juice, the smoothies, the salads and grass juices. I’ve provided a few green smoothie recipes on my posts and will be adding green juice and food recipes too. And supplements can be ok too but they are in no way a substitution for living foods. Make sure to take your time to savor and “chew” your juice.



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