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Top Ten Reasons to Juice Feast

  • Profile photo of Alexa Darrin Jul 17, 2012

    10. It is really healthy, so you won’t feel as guilty that you got hammered all those debaucherous Friday nights.

    9. It is a conversation started with that hottie who works at Whole Foods.

    8. You have an excuse not to eat Grandma’s casserole.

    7. When you put carrots through the juicer you can pretend like it is your ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend.

    6. If it becomes a fad, you will be considered a trend setter.

    5. You can chase your nieces and nephews around the house with a glass of green juice, screaming, “I’m gonna slime you!”

    4. The word “juice” is fun to say.

    3. You can annoy your roommates with all your blending and juicing, and then criticize them for being such primitive carnivores.

    2. You can use a crazy straw for all your meals.

    And the #1 reason you should start juicing…

    1. It will give you x-ray vision, telepathic abilities, and everlasting life.


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